"?👎 attempt to call a nil vaule (field 'GetMustMaterial')" leading to a lockout of fusion summoning in Predaplant-Branded deck

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    When resolving cards I get a popup reading “?:-1: attempt to call a nil vaule (field ‘GetMustMaterial’)” Also leads to being unable to activate cards on the field, specifically when I tried to activate the effect of Predaplant Chlamydosundew to fusion summon while on field.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

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    Local Duel → Random AI → Edge Imp Chain is what started it.

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    Replay Code - Pastebin.com

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    The aforementioned popup should not show up since all cards are unmodified

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    Windows 11


The Local core is currently bugged. Please play online. You can play privately with the bot by hosting a duel with the Private mode checked, and then selecting the bot you wish to play against and clicking Add bot.

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