Aroma Blend Cancel Summons monster without cost

  1. Bug description
    When using Aroma Blends GY effect, and cancelling the action by rightclicking, the fusion summon is performed without the cost of banishing monsters.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Play Aromalilith Rosalina, Summon Aromage Marjoram from deck.
  • Synchro summon Aromaseraphy Marjoram (to get 1 Plant + 1 Aroma monster in grave)
  • Activate Aroma Blend (get any card, e.g. Blessed Winds)
  • Activate Aroma Blend GY effect, choose Aromalilith Magnolia
  • Right click/cancel: Aromalilith Magnolia is still summoned for no cost.
  1. Screenshot OR error code
  1. Expected behavior
    Cancelling should not be an option after triggering Aroma Blend in the GY.

  2. What OS are you using
    Windows 10