Aquaxena ban appeal

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    Yes. My account was banned due to a hacker spamming links everywhere to attempt to scam others.
  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    I disagree that I did this because it was around 2am when this was happening and I was asleep. Someone managed to get into my account and caused chaos in every server I was in. Evidence will be provided below.
  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    I haven’t dealt with a hacker trying to mess with me in a long time. I haven’t done anything to anyone, and I’m sad that hackers can cause so much nonsense and the owner of the account has to accept the punishments for it. It’s not fair. I’ve done my best to remove the links from my DMs but like I said, the ■■■■■■■ literally spammed the links everywhere.

If your account is compromised, then I suggest a new account. I cannot validate whether you are who you are.

Making a new account defeats the purpose of this ban appeal.
I guess I just won’t join the server anymore. Literally I have several people that can confirm who I am because of how actively I would be in voice chat. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

You can do whatever you want. There’s no way for us to confirm your identity. In general, when a hacker hacks an account, your account is compromised. You should be asking how someone was able to get into your account in the first place. If you don’t know the answer to that, it will happen again.

There’s a thing called 2FA that I finished setting up so that won’t be happening again at all. What I don’t understand is that it didn’t take me much effort to get back into the Project Ignis Discord server, and yet here I am struggling with you guys. You say there’s no way to confirm my identity and you haven’t even tried to find a way for the most part. I have my account secured, I have the necessary information needed to provide you with, and I’m taking time out of my weekend to get back to interacting with YOUR community only to get rejected for something that was literally out of my control at first.
If you don’t care then just say that instead of dodging my statements by saying there’s nothing you can really do when literally any other professional server would argue that there’s ways around verification processes such as this one.

Find others who can vouch for you and have them confirm your identity. What other servers do is irrelevant. I created the ignis discord as well. If you want to help, then try to find ways yourself. I shouldnt be trying to find ways for you. You are the one who violated the rules on the server. It’s not my job to look for solutions but to work with you so that we can find one. Blaming me or the community does nothing except get you further away from that.

Yami Tensai#2279
DHG BlazeGod#8791

they can all vouch for me. You can reach out to them.

You will be unbanned. Just note that you will be under an observation period. If it happens again, we won’t be giving another chance. Steam scamming and other forms of scams are a big violation even if you were not responsible.