Animadorned archosaur

  1. Pretty much its effects don’t activate on summon.

  2. So, when I use the effect of my miscellaneousaurus to special summon a dino from the deck, the effect doesnt activate, same goes for its normal summon.

  3. Its just a bug where its effects dont activate at all.

  4. It should have activated its effect.

  5. Windows-10


Thank you for your bug report.

In order to understand the bug and properly test, we need to see the scenario in which this occurred.

Right now I can start to try testing but I do not know what your scenario was and what the board state was.

Animadorned requires an evolution pill or different typed monster in the deck to resolve its destruction effect. It also cannot destroy itself.

I’ll try and do some testing. But if you can supply a replay that would be useful to help in this investigation.