AniHelp Introduction!

* What brings you here?
I have been a YuGiOh player for some time, and have been a member of the server for such a long time that I can’t remember when I joined. I think I originally joined for the simulator like most people.

* When was the last time you played Yu-Gi-Oh? Are you a new or returning player?
I play YuGiOh for a couple games at least on most days. I never really stopped playing, so I’m not a returnee as such.

* What type of decks do you play?
I am usually a casual player, but most people will confirm my decks are considered quite cruel. So I like to lock down the board or play weird gimmicks, I’m not that evil…probably.

* What do you like to do for fun?
I am a self-confirming anime Otaku, I go to conventions, watch anime, read manga, collect merchandise…etc.

* Where do you live?
United Kingdom

* Do you have any favorite shows or animes?
It’s hard to say, my range of anime and manga interests is so large that it’s almost impossible to pick just one.
If I was to suggest a series, then currently I would probably suggest Bofuri, but it’s subject to change regularly.
For anime movie, I would say my favourite for a long time has been “Anthem of the Heart”.


Hi AniHelp, I like your accent :)

Hello hello. Glad you’re here.