Android version of Omega not working properly

I’m having a problem with the Android version of Omega. When I try to tap on the center area of my phone to press buttons they simply seem not to work. Tapping things like exit, about or deck manager still work, but then again when I go selecting cards in the middle area of the screen nothing happens, it’s like if there is nothing to click

Me too, after the update it works really weird

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I’m upping this thread again because the issue is still going…If it can be of any help I’m currently using as phone a Black Shark 4 (it should be a Xiaomi brand) and it’s running the android 11 version.

I have the same Issue with my Google Pixel 7 Pro. It seems like the app is register everything as “double tab”. Thats explains why “exit” is working but other UI elements not. Becaus the quick doibletab “opens” and “closes” the option at the same time.

The Bug was fone for the last month. But with laat update it came back… :frowning: