Android - In landscape mode, Hand and Field begin flashing rapidly as soon as a card is in play

  1. Bug description
    On Android (Pixel 6 Pro with Stock Android 14 on the most recent security patch), whenever a card is on the field, the field and hand begins flashing sporatically. Changing graphics settings, battery saving mode, card animations, etc. doesn’t seem to have an effect. Updating the refresh rate causes it to flash by faster, making it a little easier to read, but the issue persists.
    This seems it could be an issue with resolutions/aspect ratios, as going into portrait mode doesn’t seem to trigger the issue (although the size of the field/cards makes it almost impossible to see much else besides the middle 3 cards in your hand)

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Start YGO Omega in landscape
  • Start a duel
  • Place a card face up on the field (continuous spells, monsters,
  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Here’s a video I uploaded of the issue. Video starts at 90 FPS, where the flashing is present but not as noticible, then I lower it to 30 where it’s much more present.

  2. Expected behavior
    The field should stay visible.

  3. What OS are you using
    Android - Pixel 6 Pro with Stock Android 14 on the most recent security patch


i have the same problem

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I’ve had the same problem for a while and the only way to mitigate this issue is by increasing refresh rate/frames if that’s available to you

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I’ve been having the same issues.

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Still having this issue after the most recent update. It seems to bug out any time any card is on the field. Refresh rate did help, but it’s just flashing faster. I think it may have something to do with resolution/aspect ratio. When YGO omega launches in portrait mode, I don’t see that bug. I wish we had a way to change that like on the desktop app.