Android client cannot apply advanced theme

Set the application advanced theme OTM. It will not restart and take effect


Please make sure you have background set to Automated, otherwise it will not show your animated theme.

Hit apply and then try again.

If this does not fix your experience please screen shot your settings screen in Omega.

Thank you!

After applying the theme, you will not be prompted to restart the client, ver In version 160, you can use the theme and update ver Cannot be used after version 180

I have seen some cases where it is needed to have the Theme set to default, applied, closed, and then re-applying the theme.

I’ve seen where it allows you to “set the theme” to the new one, as it still remembers it was supposed to be on the new one, which is the reason I’m specifying the steps in the first sentences. Give that a try.

If it does not work, try reaching out to the rest of the team on the Duelists Unite discord in the #omega_Support channel.