Android app keeps crashing?

So i installed the omega app on my wife’s s23 and it keeps crashing with no error code at all. any idea what to do?


Same for me, I can’t finish a duel on my s23, don’t know if it is android problem in general or some phones

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The same problem with me. My cellphone is pocofone x3 pro

I believe the problem is related with new atualization for ygo omega for android

Same for me
Both online duels and local ones

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me too, same problem
samsung A52


Same here samsung z-fold 4

Google Pixel 4a. In my experience, the app crashes and closes from anywhere between 0.5s-5s into entering the practice tool/in-game sim, Deck Edit and Menus works just fine.

I tested to see if it was a memory issue on the user’s end, but it still happens with all other applications closed. Turning power saving mode off seemed to delay the crash from near-instant to 4-5 seconds.

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