Advanced Crystal Beasts dont work

  1. Bug description
    None of the Advanced Crystal Beast Monsters are Destroyed by the lack of Crystal Dark
    Amethyst Cat’s Direct Attack Ability doesn’t activate
    Topaz Tiger’s Atk Changing Effect doesnt effect your monsters, only the opponents.
    Sapphire Pegasus’s Summoning Effect doesnt activate
    Ruby Carbuncle’s effect can bring itself back from the Spell and Trap Zone, but doesnt bring any of my other Advanced Crystal Beast Monsters Back
    Cobalt Eagle’s Discard effect works, both from the field and the hand, but his effect to return an Advanced Crystal Beast Monster to the hand or top of the deck does not work.
    Amber Mammoth’s effect to negate attacks doesnt activate, Neither does its effect to negate spells/traps that target your Advanced Crystal Beast or Advanced Dark cards.
    The Error with the actual monsters appears to be that they dont recognize each other on the field, either that or the effects simply arent starting. But that doesnt explain Amber Mammoth’s Effect not protecting Advanced Dark… Amber Mammoth’s Effect doesnt work on itself either, if you were wondering, so the issue appears to be that the effects simply are not starting.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Use the cards, the effects dont activate.
    The Error Code only comes up when you have Amber Mammoth in your deck

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Screenshot 2022-06-03 204238|690x363

  4. Expected behavior
    The effects should have worked, and they did not.

  5. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Try now

Looks good to me. Keep up the good work!

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