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    i cannot summon any monsters from the Extra Deck.

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    windows 10

Try this again online

How to test against Online AI listed here.

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Yes, it worked online.
Is this normal every time I try a deck out in Deck Manager?

Its not that its normal so much that its simply bugged at an awkward point.

The local mode or Test hand from the deck manager from the main menu uses its own separate copy of the Omega core code stored offline. This code is generally maintained at an interval behind the Online mode, which is maintained on the Omega Server.

In addition to this, each time something needs to change on the Offline core, we have to force EVERYONE to download a new copy of the core, which is a few gigabytes. In addition to this, the majority of the user base plays online exclusively so this causes a large majority to download with no real benefit.

Because of this, we generally try to group together a few code changes before we push out an update that requires the few GB download, this way it happens less often.

Once we’ve stocked up a few changes, we’ll push the update and Local will work once again and this shouldn’t be an issue.

This all originally occurred because of a code change that happened in the shared resources between all of the YGO sims. The card’s code changed which meant that we needed to adapt our core to understand the new version of the card code. We did that for the online, but that left the offline mode bugged out.

We appreciate your understand and acceptance to test online for the time being.

Come posso risolvere il bug ?
Non mi fa posizionare xarte dal extra deck

Sto usando un traduttore, mi scuso per eventuali problemi di lingua.

Il bug dovrebbe essere stato risolto con l’ultimo aggiornamento.

Se avete problemi a giocare in locale, noto anche come offline, giocate online e sarà diverso. Il nucleo che controlla il funzionamento delle carte è diverso quando si gioca offline. Quando si gioca online, si usa il nucleo del server, che possiamo risolvere molto più facilmente. L’ultima versione è sempre presente sul server. Quindi giocare sempre online è sempre la cosa migliore.

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