Activation problems with Rainbowed Canvas & Rainy Canvas [Weather Painter] (Solved)

  1. Bug description
    Through certain actions that can start a chain, or in attempt to respond to your opponent’s cards, sometimes, the added effects of Rainy Canvas & Rainbowed canvas can’t be activated, even though the activation is legal, and/or there’s legal targets for it.

The game says it’s an invalid selection, despite it is legal and it gives you the option to choose it.

This happens specially when a Weather Painter Monster is being affected by multiple canvases at the same time, and they all can be used on the same moment.

  1. Bug reproduction steps
  • Through the course of the duel. Have a Weather Painter monster (any monster from said archetype) on the field.
  • Have Rainbowed, Rainy & Snowy activated on the field.
  • Have the Weather Painter monster be affected by these canvases at the same time, by placing it in the right column.
  • Have Legal activation of Rainbowed and Rainy canvas (In case of Rainbowed: Your opponent must control at least 1 monster, and for Rainy: Your opponent must have a Spell/Trap set or a continuous one face up that can be targeted.)
  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    The Weather Painter monster should be able to choose any of the canvas effects with no problems, if it weren’t legal, the option to choose said canvas shouldn’t appear on the screen on the first place.

After a while of playing Omega, I can say this bug on The Weather deck has been solved, no more invalid selection messages, archetype can play correctly.