Acid Trap Hole not triggering flip effects?

  1. In my recent duels, acid trap hole does not seem to be activating flip effects of destroyed monsters

  2. test mode: set monster w/ flip effect and acid trap hole.
    next turn: activate acid trap hole on face down monster
    result: no activation of flip effect

  3. The ability of the face down flip monster should be activated. (was tested on cyber jar, morphing jar, and needle worm)


Thank you for making a bug report!

While there is a few things this could be, I do not believe this is an error. If you are playing using the MR5 rule set in Omega, this is functioning as intended. This is because MR5 as we know it is based on the April 2020 rule revision. See link for full details: The Organization | Master Rule: April 1st 2020 Revision - Revisions

The April Revision stated a few things that causes Acid Trap Hole to work this way. The first is the addition that cards must remain in the location where they are supposed to be to activate. A flip monster, flips and activates on the field. So if a monster is removed from the field before it has a chance to activate, it will not activate. Since Acid Trap Hole flips AND Destroys as apart of the effect while it is resolving, means that any card with 2000 or less defense will not have the chance to activate since it is no longer on the field.

The second part the April Revision introduced is that cards cannot activate if they are in a location of private knowledge. This means that a card that is shuffled into the hand, deck, extra deck, banished face-down, or in this case, flipped face down on the field, will not be able to Activate. So when Acid Trap Hole resolves after targeting a flip monster with more than 2000 defense, the monster will get flipped face up to check its stats, and then get flipped back face down since it does not meet the Stat requirement for destruction. When the chain is ended, the monster is not face up to activate, and thus will not let you activate it.

If you play on MR0 (Goat format) MR1, or anything up to MR5 you should have the interaction work as you expect, I believe.

If you agree that this is the explanation, please mark this as the solution and the thread will automatically close 24 hours after the last post.

Once again, thank you for helping Omega by testing and if you find anything else you believe may be an issue with it, please let us know and we can investigate it.

TLDR: You are probably on MR5 where it is working properly, use MR0 or MR1 to have it work the way you are expecting.

oh that might be the reason, thank you so much

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