Abyss Dragon of Swordsoul doesn’t special summon itself when a card is banished by effect (not cost)

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    The part of Abyss Dragon of Swordsoul that states " If a monster is [banished]) by card effect (except during the [Damage Step]): You can [Special Summon] this card from the [GY] (if it was there when the monster was banished) or [hand] (even if not)" doesn’t activate when a monster is banished by a card effect.

I know it doesn’t work on costs, like Taia or Chixiao.

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The effect of Mirrorjade was used, as well as Golden Swordsoul banishing itself (not a cost.)

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Abyss Dragon of Swordsoul should have summoned itself on a new chain link, but it didn’t even give the option.

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Windows 10.

Golden Swordsoul does banish for cost so yeah, that wouldn’t trigger it. For mirrorjade, not so sure