About translation issues (for RTL)

Again, sorry if this topic is in the wrong section.

About the RTL problems for arabic languages (and maybe the other RTL languages):

I’ll assume that you already know this but I’ll speak it up anyways, just in case ^^’

I’ve noticed when I change only the card language to arabic, while keeping the system language as english or other LTR languages in the configurations menu, the descriptions and words in the card picture and in the chat button section become alike, they’re both reversed, so I’m sure that if you reverse the words this time they will be readable in both cards descriptions and in the chat menu box (in simpler terms: if the RTL descriptions are wrong they are wrong on both sections, and if they are correct they are correct on both sections). You only need to reverse the cards descriptions and not the cards names because the names are correct in both sections.
This solution is appliable only if we choose arabic language on cards only and not the system language, which is really enough, since the system is user friendly and comprehensible and it doesn’t have alot of words or sentences and because most of these english words are familiar to most yugioh players around the globe and even non yugioh gamers (arabic gamers included), so it doesn’t need much work… or at least until you figure out a better way, this solutions is 99% satisfying right now.
Btw it was a smart move dividing the translations into to 2 categories in the settings.

Thanks YGO Omega staff for this amazing game.