About translation (in Arabic)

I’m not sure where to post this topic, sorry about that… so here we go :

I see that there are some major and minor imperfections in the Arabic translation, so I will list them ordered from the most to the least important (to me) :

1) SETTINGS : Some words in “Settings” lack translation, as well as words in the settings from the chat section, for example : “Mute Players”, “Voice Chat”, “Incognito” etc…

2) DECK EDITOR : In the search box, the words that we write are reversed, for example : “ش ح و” instead of “وحش”.

3) Monster’s Type/Ability Line In Card’s Description : Maybe it’s a Bug, but the Type/Ability Line is empty, eg : Where it should contain “[Fairy/Tuner/Effect]” only shows “[”.

4) Card Translation : Numbers are reversed, for example : It shows “0001” instead of “1000”.

5) Card Translation : The “(” and “)” are reversed : it shows “)something(” instead of “(something)”.

6) Card Translation : Words are reversed from where the chat section is ( but the “()” are not, maybe when fixing the words the “()” get reversed, so I think it’d be better to check them after fixing the problem ).

7) Card Translation : Some famous cards like “Monster Reborn” and “Eater of Millions” as well as other casual cards like “Burial From A Different Dimension”, “Bownty”, “Rainbow Bridge”, “Artifact” cards etc… were not translated.

At last, I wanna thank the YGO Omega Team for such a great work, keep it up guys.

We pretty much gave up on arabic translations for now, since the game engine doesnt support right to left text, its reversed.

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