About the Unofficial Tournaments category

Here, any player can use this area to host and organize unofficial tournaments of their choice. They can decide the rules of the tournament. This must be organized manually. However, if you wish to use our automated YGO Omega system where players are auto matched and decks are locked, please request an admin or a tournament organizer. We shall schedule your requested event at a time that doesn’t conflict with other events. Note that you wish for us to do an automated tournament with YGO Omega, we cannot do custom banlists.

We advise organizers to provide details in a template similar to this:

Tournament Format - Single, Double, Swiss, or Round Robin
Simulator - YGO Omega, EDOPro, Dueling Nexus, Dueling Book
Date - Time and Date.

Dueling Parameters:

Banlist - TCG, OCG, WCS, or Custom.
Card Pool - TCG, OCG, WCS, Duel Links, Beta cards, or All cards allowed.
Duel Mode - Single/Match/Tag
Master Rule - MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4, or MR5
Duel Rule - Master Duel, Speed Duel, Turbo Duel, Rush Duel, etc.

Custom Parameters:

Starting LP
Cards Per Draw
Starting Hand
Time per Turn

We’ll host unofficial tournaments that deviate from standard TCG and OCG. These will usually be fun tournaments with weird and exciting rules.