About the Decks category

About the Decks category
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Hello Duelists,

Use this category to post decks. Provide a decklist or an image of the deck. Then please provide a description of that deck. You can post decks that you have made or others as long as you give credit to the original author. If you do not know the author, then just write unknown author.

Note that this section is not to be used to ask how to build a deck from scratch. You must provide a skeleton of a deck already. For more resources on how to find skeletons of decks, you can check our Decks section or look at TCGPlayer or YGOProdeck. After that, you are free to ask for advice on how to improve it.

In order to effectively receive good feedback, please provide the following details of your deck in this format:

  • Format - Name the format that this deck must abide by. This is usually TCG or OCG. It could also be an alternate format (Goat, Trinity, Rush, Duel Links, etc.).
  • Aim - Describe the deck’s primary objective. Is it to pull off a certain combo? Win in a certain way, etc.
  • Must have cards - Cards you want to keep in your deck no matter what.
  • Combos - Tell us about 1 or more combos in your deck so we can understand how it works.

Provide a basic description of what your deck does and how you use it. This will help guide deck doctors and those who wish to help improve the deck better understand your limitations.

Furthermore, each deck can be reviewed by 4 criteria in a rating out of 5 stars.

  1. Novelty - How creative or original is the deck? Is it very popular or is it rare? Is it meta or is it rogue? The more unique a deck is, the higher the novelty.
  2. Synergy - How consistent is the deck? Does each card in the deck connect well with other cards or is just a bunch of random cards disconnected in a deck (cookie cutter deck)? How often does the deck do what it is designed to do?
  3. Adaptability - Can the deck adapt to different situations in a game state? Can the deck recover? Is the deck resilient? Other words to describe would include versatility or resourcefulness. Is the deck able to turn things around?
  4. Strength - This is the overall strength of the deck. How powerful is the deck? How often does this deck win? This can be measured by simply assessing its win rate versus other decks in the same format. Note that this criteria would also depend on many others - adaptability, synergy, etc.
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