About the Custom Cards category

About the Custom Cards category
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Post your custom cards here. Please post an image of your card. You can use several free card maker programs. Some we recommend include:

  1. https://yemachu.github.io/cardmaker/
  2. https://www.cardmaker.net/yugioh/

Custom cards will be evaluated using a 5-star rating on 4 criteria:

  1. Artwork - Is this artwork original? Did you draw and color it? Is the artwork of high quality? Does the artwork fit with the card effect and name? Note that how good an art looks is more important than originality. If an art is both original and good, then it should deserve 5-stars. If it’s still a good artwork, then a 4/5 star rating is sufficient.
  2. PSCT - Problem Solving Card Text. Is the card effect written in correct English? Are there any grammatical errors? Does the effect make sense or is it a long word salad? Does it meet current PSCT standards of Konami?
  3. Novelty - How creative or novel is the card effect? Is it unique or something common?
  4. Balance - How broken is this card? Is it just another powerhouse or is this a card that you could see Konami printing? Is this a card you would use in your deck or wouldn’t mind if your opponent did?

Try to also describe how your custom card would fit with other cards. Show a combo with the card. If you have any lore for this card, write that as well. Custom cards can be used in YGO Omega in the manual mode. If your card is good, it could be selected to be put in a custom card database that can be pinned on the site.