ABC Buster Dragon not working properly

  1. [color=#3AADE4]Bug description[/color]
    For whatever reason, the game is unable to let me use ABC Buster Dragon’s effect to banish an opponent’s card in an open gamestate / in response to a monster’s summon. The first time this happened, I was playing against Dino and I wanted to target Conductor after it was summoned from deck off of pill. The second time I want to banish Predaplant anaconda on summon before my opponent had the chance to use its effect. Whenever I tried using Buster’s effect, the game spat out an “invalid error” message. It still let me tag out with buster or activate forbidden droplet, though.

  2. [color=#3AADE4]Bug reproduction steps[/color]
    Should be pretty self explanatory, just get Buster out and wait for the opponent to summon a monster but not activate any effect on its summon.

  3. [color=#3AADE4]Screenshot OR error code[/color]
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    Couldn’t get a screenshot with the error message in it because I didn’t wanna time out in ranked, sorry

  4. [color=#3AADE4]Expected behavior[/color]
    I just wanna banish cards :[