A Legendary Ocean / Pacifis, the Phantasm City Bugs with Rarities

  1. The bug seems to be when I use rarities on either A Legendary Ocean or Pacifis, the Phantasm City they turn into regular umi cards.

  2. Play either A legendary ocean or Pacifis as a special rarity, I used starfoil but it looks like it does the same to other rarities. Test by using level 5 monsters with a legendary ocean and attempting to play them from hand, or for pacifis using fish sonar and playing a normal monster from the deck, it is supposed to prompt for a phantasm spiral search but does not.

  3. No error code

  4. When A Legendary Ocean is played the water cards in my hand and on field should be 1 level less. When Pacifis is played I should be able to summon a token when my opponent activates effects and if I summon a normal monster I should be able to search out a phantasm spiral card.

  5. Windows 10


I have tested both Legendary Ocean and Pacifis. Both worked as intended.

Pacifis Prompted for the summon when the opponent resolved their effect, activating on a new chain, which it should. And after performing the summon of the token, Pacifis was forced to activate to search for a S/T.

I was able to normal summon a level 5 Water monster from my hand without tributing while Legendary ocean was on the field.

This was both with and Without a rarity applied. To state, the rarity should NOT have an impact on the card effect as it is simply placed on top of the card that would already be used.

We would need a replay code to be able to determine exactly what the issue was with the board state that you were trying to work.

You can find the replays in the replay manager on the main menu and click it, then export to have it copied to your clipboard.

You can then paste the replay code in a reply here for us to be able to use it.

Thank you for helping to make YGO Omega be the best it can be.

Replay of A legendary ocean not working as intended


Can’t use Warrior of Atlantis to search but can if a legendary ocean is common rarity, Kairyu shin unable to be normal summoned, levels are the same and don’t change under the field effect.

Replay of Pacifis not working as intended


Special summoned Giga Gagagigo with no prompt from pacifis to search, was able to summon electric jellyfish after which was unable to happen because pacifis would usually prevent it.

Both instances would resolve the same way in the case they are just an umi field spell. Maybe it has something to do with how they are always treated as umi, but it only happens when they are a different rarity.