A Few Bug Issues - War Rock, Rituals, Yes/No Selection

  1. Bug description
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    War Rock - Fortia, Gactos, and/or Wento do not trigger their floating GY effects after being used as link material for Unchained Soul of Rage. The Unchained eff sends to GY as effect not cost, so Fortia, Gactos, and/or Wento should be triggered afterwards.

Rituals - Functionality to indicate which rituals have been ritual summoned and which haven’t. Has impacts in many places, most recently occurred when special summoning one from a few that were banished, but not all had been ritual summoned already.

Yes/No Selection - Functionality to separate they “Yes” and “No” options to different sides of the screen instead of right next to each other. Their current proximity and size make it difficult to select the intended option when playing on the phone.