A ban appeal, embarassing reasons

  1. Dear Staff Team, a bit embarassing, i got banned for getting my previous account hacked,it reached the discord server of this community, therefor ip banned.

  2. Yes i do, it’s my fault for getting hacked and losing acess to the servers

  3. I’ll be more careful next time and watch out the weird links on discord

  4. With many Thanks, AJ23

We can unban you but we need to see proof that you have enabled two-factor authentication for your account. Please post a screenshot showing you have it enabled and make sure to remove any personal information. Also, include your discord username so we can find you and unban you.

Hello, Sorry for the late reply, here it is.

I don’t see that username is banned. Did you change your username with the new Discord nickname change? If so, what is it now? Can also post your ID that can be retrieved with developer mode.


Yeah this is my new username, sorry about that, here’s the discord ID: 1046472283323109406

Looks like you may have already been unbanned. I don’t see you on the bans list at all. Can you try again and then post a screenshot here if it won’t let you?

Didn’t work, seems like something on my end.

sorry for the late reply, i don’t keep up with this often.

Trouble logging into discord?

I can log in just fine, but even after i was ‘unbanned’ i can’t log into the ygo omega server. so, no luck i suppose.

Are you in the Duelists Unite server? I can’t find you. I need the discord id to determine if you are still banned.

No, i’m not in the server that’s what i’ve been saying.

ID is 1046472283323109406

Try now

Didn’t work again, sorry.

You aren’t banned so I’m not sure what’s not working. Go to settings and click clear login data.