2nd effect of "Melffy of the Forest" is activated

  1. Bug description

    When the 2nd effect of “Melffy of the Forest” is activated (prevents an opponent’s monster from attacking and negates it’s effects), the game asks if I want to activate House Dragonmaids’ effect instead (which destroys a monster).

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Step 1 : Xyz Summon “Melffy of the Forest”
    Step 2 : During the opponent’s turn, send a Melffy monster back to your hand by its own effect.
    Step 3 : Activate “Melffy of the Forest” effect

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior

    The box should have asked if I wanted to activate “Melffy of the Forest” effect, to negate an opponent’s monster effect and prevent it from attacking.

Line 18 of the script for “Melffy of the Forest” says,


41232647 is the ID for “House Dragonmaid”

Ok so this is a confirmed error in the person who wrote the card script. This means this error exists on all ygopros that are using this script including edopro. We will try to send a pull request to fix it.

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