1800LP Virtual World Deck List

1800LP Virtual World Deck List https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/9/9587024100bdb3cd0a490d034f97e134c702d9c9.jpeg
creativity 0.0 0 consistency 5.0 1 adaptability 5.0 1 strength 5.0 1

I removed the Muddy Mud Dragon Package it seemed like too much to commit to. Walking Nibiru line of play. So I strayed away from the full committed boards. I play for advantage usually ending with 4-5 cards at the end of my turn. with Shen Shen, M7, and Croc on board. with trap or interruptions in back row. It take 3+ cards to break the board and wont be able to kill me. at which point it doesn’t matter cause you are set up with graveyard and hand to go full combo and play through 3-4 interruptions and kill on crack back.