1716 LP Virtual World Deck

1716 LP Virtual World Deck https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/e/e2ed436c567db64b9cde0dd7b0a68a490dce81eb.jpeg
creativity 0.0 0 consistency 5.0 1 adaptability 5.0 1 strength 5.0 1

VW decklist

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@woex I would consider cutting down the level 6 vw to two since they can be bricky at times and most of the time you would be searching them. Also since your most important ms effects activate in the hand the gamma package can provide great insurance against ash (or lance if your opponent is bad)

i definitely was thinking about it. but i ALWAYS draw driver!!! its actually tilting lol. i would replace Thanos with x2 veiler and replace the veiler with gamma/ driver its way stronger. it can be bricky though i hate it.