YGO Omega Version 0.98 Open Beta

For Linux, install latest vulkan drivers.

Copy pasted from pinned messages in the Duelists Unite Discord #tech_support channel:

Again to all of you that are having issues. Try the omegaupdater first. If the omegaupdater has an error, it is because you put the game in a folder that has no write access. That’s why the default location was C:. You moved it to a place that’s not writeable. Right click the folder and properties. Untick the Read-only. Then it will work and can write over the ygo omega.exe.

As for Windows 7 users, it’s because you are lacking .NET updates so you can’t use omegaupdater. Either upgrade to 10 which is free or find .NET and get all the updates.

Same goes for uninstalling. You guys moved it from C:, so the uninstaller can’t find the game.

If you are stuck at the loading screen, you can close the game using ALT+F4 and run the omegaupdater. It will do the same thing.

more than 90% of the problems are fixed if you run omegaupdater from a writeable folder.

does not want to open the game exit another instance already running

Gathering required information…
Previous installation not found…
Downloading Update…
Download Completed!
Applying update…
Cleaning up…
Update Completed!
Launching game…
Unhandled exception. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (13): Permission denied
at System.Diagnostics.Process.ForkAndExecProcess(String filename, String[] argv, String[] envp, String cwd, Boolean redirectStdin, Boolean redirectStdout, Boolean redirectStderr, Boolean setCredentials, UInt32 userId, UInt32 groupId, UInt32[] groups, Int32& stdinFd, Int32& stdoutFd, Int32& stderrFd, Boolean usesTerminal, Boolean throwOnNoExec)
at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartCore(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
at OmegaUpdater.Program.RelaunchGame()
at OmegaUpdater.Program.Main(String[] args)
Annullato (core dump creato)

this is what the terminal says when an update

Yes, it says Permission denied. It means the folder is not writeable. Omegaupdater did what it was designed to do. It downloaded the updates but it could not apply the update since it has no write permissions.

and what should i do?

The admin say around end 2021 around that.

Same problem, any help?