We want an easy "BLOCK" button

10.000 cards. And then XYZ and SYNCHRO was “invented”. And after that “invention” all duels end with the same 50 xyz and synchro cards. Every game you are infront of those 50 xyzosynchro cards.
Is that logical? Fix it with an extra matchmaking button that prohibits the side deck. No side deck = No same cards in your every game.

Or an easy block button that pops up after clicking opponent’s avatar. Block every “Mr. Samecarder” and move on. After 50+ blocks there will be a much higher chance to not duel vs those same cards.

No side deck = same main deck cards

If you dont want to play against someone just surrender there is no penalty to it in casual play and for competetive thats the worst Idea I have ever heard

No. I suggest playing the older formats like Goat if you don’t like xyz, synchro, links, etc.

more options for the player
are always better
so you are wrong any way if you want less options.

surrender takes too much time , its 5 clicks away. I want it 1 click away.

The matchmaking algorithm is not meant to allow users to “choose” who they want to be matched with. If that happened, that creates a bias in the algorithm and destroys the entire matchmaking process. Everyone is matched based on their rating and who is available in the queue. It is blind to any other factors like what kind of deck the opponent is using. People have a hard time accepting that “casual” ladder does not actually mean players will use non-competitive decks. In a game with all cards available, players will use whatever they can use. The only thing you can do to prevent stronger decks is possibly try the budget filter. Otherwise, there’s no easy way to just filter meta. There will always be a meta even in the new format you create.