Various Deck-Related Features

  1. Allow for searching through some sort of database, like master duel
  2. Card suggestions: The player could press some button and gets a suggestion from the auto-decking bot
  3. Generic filter, for generic extra deck monsters
  4. Archetypal Filter
  5. Anime only cards
  6. Token related filter
  7. Auto decking for alternate formats, I’d assume it’d be easily coded if you use a drop-down menu
  8. Option to watch a bot play the deck, might help for learning how to play combo-decks

Another idea, add an option to use the theme used in the custom theme tutorial
(don’t know if it was removed but it looks pretty good)


Thank you for posting a suggestion!

Most of these are already implemented in Omega at this current moment.
1, 3, 6: You can search using the filters using the button to the right of the Search bar in the deck editor, and then going to “Genre”. This allows you to search by cards that have effects related to tokens, can destroy, not be destroyed, etc.

2, 4: You can do this by dragging a card into the search bar. This will search for all cards related to that card.

As for the rest: 5, Anime cards aren’t in Omega as they are not legal in any format at any time.
7, auto decking is currently still in the works, alternate formats are sparse in popularity and fluctuate over time, working to setup an auto build bot for one format may be fruitless tomorrow.
8, there is no way to accurately determine what type of deck that is being built.

If you have 2 ghost trick cards, does that make it a ghost trick deck. Combos change over time and play styles change constantly. In addition to this, bots have to be programmed to pick the most optimal route with any number of variables. This means that you have to have full knowledge of every card in the deck, and what your desired goal is.
Taking a step back, even if we managed to create a link to a youtube search, there is no guarantee that we’d have results that would be appropriate for the build you are going for.

So in short, this would either A, be a bot that bumbles around randomly clicking buttons, doing nothing positive for teaching, or B, a ton of work which would still not be applicable for the individual use case.

For 7 I was thinking of the OCG and rush formats.