Unable to use "The Weather Forecast" to summon a "The Weather" link monster using Spells/Traps

  1. Bug description
    “The Weather Forecast” is supposed to allow the player to, once per turn, Link Summon a “The Weather” link monster using “The Weather” continuous Spell / Trap cards as if they were “The Weather” monster cards. However this effect doesn’t seem to be working as I am unable to do this. The card cannot be activated for this effect and the extra deck does not glow or highlight them to show they can be summoned (granted- I’m sure this is a super weird effect to program). Even if I have 3 “The Weather” monsters and can summon the card normally, it still won’t allow me to select “The Weather” spells & traps as materials.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    2.1 Have at least one copy of “The Weather Painter Rainbow” or “The Weather Painter Moonbow” in your extra deck.
    2.2 Activate “The Weather Forecast”
    2.3 Activate at least one “The Weather” Continous Spell or Trap card
    2.4 Summon 1-2 “The Weather” monsters or activate 1-2 additional “The Weather” continuous spell / trap cards, such that they total 3 or more.

Despite the text of The Weather Forecast, Rainbow and Moonbow cannot be summoned.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    As long as “The Weather Forecast” is face-up on the player’s field and not negated, the player should be able to Link Summon “The Weather Painter Rainbow” or “The Weather Painter Moonbow” from their extra deck, treating their “The Weather” continuous spells and traps as if they were “The Weather” monsters for the summon. Afterwards, they cannot do this again until their next turn.

  3. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

Appears to be fixed. Thanks!

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