There should be Duel Links version for these cards

  1. Bug description
    Some cards have different effect in DL.
    So there should be Duel Links version for these cards.


Flip this card over when you activate this Skill.
At the start of your turn, call 2 numbers and roll a six-sided die. If you roll a number you called, your LP do not get lower than 1 until the end of your opponent’s next turn. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

DL version :
If you had 4000 or more Life Points at the start of that turn, you Life Points will not fall below (work one time only). When this Skill is applied, you can only Special Summon 1 monster until the end of your next turn.
This Skill will only activate once per Duel.

B. 95026693 (card number)

OMEGA : half
DL version : quarter


OMEGA : 800
DL version : 400


OMEGA : 600
DL version : 300

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Just when I use these cards, I find them different in Omega.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    The effect is different between DL and OMEGA.

Actually, the current Grit is the same one as in Duel Links. It’s just that we forgot to update its text. We’ll do that and it will be in the next update.

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