Revolution Synchron Not Working in Dueling Nexus

  1. Bug description
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    I have a level 6 monster on the field, and Revolution Synchron. Power Tool Braver Dragon is in the extra deck. Nothing happens that signals that I can then Special Summon Revolution Synchron from hand.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

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    1 summon level 6 monster on the field
    2 have Revolution Synchron on hand

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  4. Expected behavior
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    The Extra deck should light up, signaling that i can SS Power Tool Braver Dragon

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This is the forums for the YGO Omega Sim.

Thank you.

Hi Thank You, do you know how to report a bug in Dueling Nexus? Because in their Discord the only option says:

DNX and YGO Omega use the same database and card scripts, so if something is wrong here (particularly close to the card’s release date on the game), then it is likely wrong there as well. And the people behind Duelists Unite are the ones who oversee these cards, and should be the first responders to these types of bugs.

If you would still like to proceed with reporting a card script bug, you may do so through Duelist Unite’s forum, found here: Bugs - Duelists Unite

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Thank you for that information Rija.

We were not aware that DNX was pushing their bug reports on us. Duelist Unite, and the YGO Omega team are only able to tackle bugs regarding YGO Omega. If you’d like to have support, we’d happily welcome you to download YGO Omega. However, without a bug confirmed in Omega, we don’t have the time to support Nexus.

We do not oversee the cards and scripting, that is a public effort from many, many people. We do contribute to the effort, but put in our own funding to do so.

If you wish to continue using DNX, we’d recommend asking their team to help you with this issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

We hope you consider YGO Omega.

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