Response delay setting

Add a checkbox setting to make a random delay, somewhere between 1 - 8 seconds or something, after when a “response” would normally be asked for, like Ash Blossom or Effect Veiler. Right now, if there is any delay between plays, the opponent will instantly know that you CAN play something, so that will change their strategy to be more cautious. But if there is no time between plays, the opponent can just play whatever because they know you can’t do anything. EDOpro has this feature and it is great.

Thank you for submitting your suggestion.

It’s been placed on “The List” for consideration.

Thank you for being part of YGO Omega

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So the way it works in edopro and the original ygopro is that there is a FIXED delay. Any veteran player will know whether this delay is a human delay or a programmed delay. If you were to duel me right now on edopro, you will never know whether I have a nibiru on the 5th summon. At the same time, if I did not have a nibiru in my hand, you would get a delay after your 5th summon because I know how to toggle the all chain.

In Omega, you have now a RANDOM delay of 0.5 to 2.5 secs after your opponent’s moves. Feel free to use it but most pro and veteran ygopro players will not use this option. The developers themselves do not use this option. Instead, we learn how to toggle chains correctly. You are not supposed to play an entire duel with all chain on. If you are doing that, you are also doing it wrong.

The random chain is found in the chat settings tab.