Metal Reflect Slime Trap

  1. Bug description
    With “Metal Reflect Slime” Trap monster on field with “There Can Only be One” , If you acitvate “Metal Reflect Slime” Trap it should be sent to grave not stay on the field.

  2. Screenshot OR error code

  3. Expected behavior
    pretty sure it would be sent to the grave or not able to activate

If TCBOO is already face-up on the field, Metal Reflect Slime cannot be activated. If TCBOO was chained to the activation of Metal Reflect Slime, then Metal Reflect Slime remains in the s/t zone face-up. We’ll look into this though and test it.

We just tested and Metal Reflect Slime was not able to activate while TCBOO is face-up, so it works as designed.

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