Improvements to the gesture system

right now the gestures for omega are pretty clunky and don’t really feel good. So I have some ideas to improve this system.

1.) when you are setting a spell/trap, if you cannot activate the spell/trap at this moment, set it automatically on the zone you hover it over. This could help make omega feel snappy every time you set a card.
2.) when you attack directly, if you drag near the spell and trap zone or flick the mouse to the opponent, the game should automatically assume you are attacking directly at that juncture if you can attack directly in the current board state.

I believe these two changes could help in making the gesture system feel less clunky and slow. Thank you for listening.

  1. This is worse. No simulator, not official or unofficial does this. Not only will lead to misclicks but competitive players will hate it. Clicking first set, summon, or activate → then clicking again on the zone is the best way to select the zone. Setting it automatically over the zone you will hover over will cause you to accidentally set it to the wrong zone. You just made it even more clunky than before. I’m not sure if you are aware, but you can also drag the card directly to the zone.

  2. You can already drag to attack. This means you don’t know what the current gestures are. If you drag a monster from your side of the field to the attack target, it will attack automatically. If there are no monsters on the opponent’s side of the field, then it will assume a direct attack. This is how it works in both Master Duel and in Omega.

Ok the second one does make sense. But for the first one if you drag a spell/trap that cant be activated from hand at that moment like Solemn Judgment to a vacant spell and trap zone, itll just set the card in Master Duel. Thats kinda what im thinking of. Idk what i was thinking really with the second one but the first one, the example i gave should hopefully explain what i mean?

It already works like this. Have you tried dragging a spell/trap from your hand to the zone? The entire point is that you can CANCEL that set if you change your mind. Making a set from hand cancelable is one of the greatest improvements in auto sims because people misclick. If you make things automatic, like setting on a zone as soon as you hover over it, then you cannot cancel. Even in Master Duel, you can cancel from hand.