Idea for tournaments held by 3rd parties

I had an idea that might help the ygomega platform get off the ground running. I know that holding tournaments officially in ygomega is hard but what if you allowed third parties to purchase the currency for prize support for their own tournaments they can hold. ie: i hold a tournament and for prize support i give the winner 1000 coins in the game. This allows an opportunity for ygomega to monetize more as well as more opportunities for players to get coins. Thoughts? im in the middle of a work day so im not going to write an essay

Third parties may use our automatic Swiss tournament system in YGO Omega. It will do all the organizing, auto-pairing, and scoring. You can even get the decks and ask players to save replays. That gives the host of the tournament time to focus on other things like live commentary. To do this, third parties have to schedule a tournament with us. You can do this on the forum using the calendar. No more than 1 tournament can be ran at a time.

You cannot use our own currency as prizes for your own tournament. The prizes for your own tournament obviously have to be sponsored by you. YGO Omega is only the tool for you to host the tournament smoothly without having to worry about anything else. The whole point of the in-game currency is so that we can use it for our own events. If we allowed third parties to use it, the currency would run out.

Once tournaments starts, we’ll have our own streaming and live commentary with prizes. There will be an end of the year online championship with world’s banlist. I expect high numbers for these types of tournaments. The higher the sample size of an event, the more accurate the top cut is. Online, we can even do a tournament of 1024 people and it will be easy.

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