How to add custom cards?

Hey everyone, in this guide i will teach you all about how to add a custom card YGO Omega.

The tool is out!

get it here :
only for windows x64-bits.
Ill leave the old guide as is in case someone wants to understand whats going on behind the scenes.
As for the DE, it should be pretty intuative: you create some cards, save your work (when prompted say yes to “custom db template”) and then youre pretty much done.
If people request a guide for the DE ill make one.

Guide without the editor:

First off in your custom folder you will see the Databases folder:


This folder will contain databases that has custom cards, we will explain more about how they work in a future guide.
You will need the template of the custom database (1017 Bytes)
And a database reader, Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite is simple to use.

When you open the database this is how it looks, we only care about the datas and texts for this guide

Now lets go to the browse data tab and open datas table and then add a new entry :


alright so the new entry will contain all the data of the card, so lets go other each column and what values to put in them:

id - the password of the card, unique, can be any value really, try to avoid huge numbers and passwords that are already taken by real cards or their alt arts and tokens.

ot - defines the region of the card
1 - OCG
2 - TCG
4 - Illegal

alias - if a card is an alternative art of another card or treated as one, the alias will be the id of the card its referencing. the value is 0 if the card is not treated as any card.

type - this is one of the harder ones, the list bellow shows values of types, you simply sum the ones that makes up your card type together and put that value in this column:

    None = 0,
    Monster = 1,
    Spell = 2,
    Trap = 4,
    Normal = 16,
    Effect = 32,
    Fusion = 64,
    Ritual = 128,
    Spirit = 512,
    Union = 1024,
    Gemini = 2048,
    Tuner = 4096,
    Synchro = 8192,
    Token = 16384,
    QuickPlay = 65536,
    Continuous = 131072,
    Equip = 262144,
    Field = 524288,
    Counter = 1048576,
    Flip = 2097152,
    Toon = 4194304,
    Xyz = 8388608,
    Pendulum = 16777216,
    SpSummon = 33554432,
    Link = 67108864

So for example i have an effect monster so i add 32 + 1 = 33
Lets say i have a normal spell then its just 2
If its a ritual spell its 2 + 128 = 130
you get the idea.

atk- the attack of a monster/trap monster, for spell and traps its just 0.
for monsters with ? put -2.

def- so def is also pretty tricky, if the card is not a link monster then same rules of atk applies here too.
if the card is a link monster, def will determine which link arrows the monster has.
the way it works is similar to the types:

    BottomLeft = 1,
    Bottom = 2,
    BottomRight = 4,
    Left =8,
    Right = 32,
    TopLeft = 64,
    Top = 128,
    TopRight = 256

so say your monster has up arrow and down arrow you do 128 + 2 = 130 and put it in def column.

level - alright so level is uh… kinda complicated but only on pendulums >_<
for mosnters/trap monsters the level is simply the level of the monster (-2 if level is ?).
for link monsters its the amount of link arrows hey have (so a link 2 monster will have the value 2 in this column)
for pendulums, we getting into bitwise operation territory, you dont have to know what it is ill simply tell you how to do it.

open you calculator and switch to programmer mode

we will use the bitwise shift button also make sure the calc is on dec

alright so first enter the left scale number then press the << button and input 8, after that
click the = button.
then add the right scale (with + button) and click the = button.
now click the << button again and input 16 after it and press = button.
lastly add the level of the monster (using the + button) and hit =.
this value you got will be the one you put in the level column.
lets see and example for what the value of left scale : 5, right scale: 6 and level: 3 will look like:


so the value would be 84279299

race - race is simple, simply put one of the values below in the column:

    None = 0
    Warrior = 1,
    Spellcaster = 2,
    Fairy = 4,
    Fiend = 8,
    Zombie = 16,
    Machine = 32,
    Aqua = 64,
    Pyro = 128,
    Rock = 256,
    Winged Beast = 512,
    Plant = 1024,
    Insect = 2048,
    Thunder = 4096,
    Dragon = 8192,
    Beast = 16384,
    Beast Warrior = 32768,
    Dinosaur = 65536,
    Fish = 131072,
    Sea Serpent = 262144,
    Reptile = 524288,
    Psychic = 1048576,
    DivineBeast = 2097152,
    Creator God = 4194304,
    Wyrm = 8388608,
    Cyberse = 16777216

attribute - attribute is just like race:

    None = 0,
    Earth = 1,
    Water = 2,
    Fire = 4,
    Wind = 8,
    Light = 16,
    Dark = 32,
    Divine = 64

category - category have some special values you can add much like you did for type.
i will list the values here with some description for what they do:

    SkillCard = 1, - will make the back of the card to a skill card back
    SpeedSpellCard = 2, - adds the speed duel symbol on the card
    BossCard = 4,
    BetaCard = 8, - adds the beta icon to the card
    ActionCard = 16,
    CommandCard = 32,
    RushLegendary = 128, - adds the legendary symbol on the card
    PreErrata = 256, - adds pre errata icon to the card
    DuelModeCard = 512,
    DuelLinks = 1024,
    RushCard = 2048, - adds the rush card symbol to the card
    StartCard = 4096,
    OneCard = 8192,
    TwoCard = 16384,
    ThreeCard = 32768,
    LevelZero = 65536 - makes the level disappear from the card (for cards that dont have level but treated as having a level)

setid- you can add custom “sets” your card is in, this can make them searchable in the deck editor (separated by ,)
for example i made some dbz cards so i could add a set DBZ
and i want people to know its mine so i can do:
column can be empty (but not NULL)

this concludes the datas part, now for the easy part, go to the texts table and add an entry.
entries on texts table must correspond to the ones in datas id wise
this means for each entry on datas you have an entry on texts with a matching id.
so create an entry in texts, and have its id match the one you made in datas.
name is the name of the card
desc is the card texts.

obviously pendulums has to give us a headache once again, you have to follow this template for pendulums:

←6 【Pendulum Effect】 6→
pendulum effect here or empty
【Monster Effect】
monster text here

dont forget to save your changes, on the editor i supplied you click on “write changes”.
The database you just edited has to be in the databases folder in the custom folder.
after youre done, open up omega and you should be able to find your new cards in the deck editor.

dont forget to add arts for your custom cards in the arts folder which is also in the custom folder.
the arts should have the names of the id on the database.
so if you created a card with id 4444 you need the art 4444.jpg in your arts folder.

good luck and have fun.
you can ask questions here in the replays.


yea uh where the ■■■■ can we find the text table

what does thissss meeannnnnn

What does StartCard, OneCard, Twocard, and ThreeCard do?

I think a tutorial video would be a bit better.


The tool is out

Will be ever possible to make the scripts as well?

How to open the tool?

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Pretty sure they made it so customs cant do scripting here.

I can’t find the custom cards how does this work exactly?

Having the same problem.

Sleeser do you have a video on the matter,

I did exactly what you said but the Omega DE doesn’t work when I save my file. I also used the method and the sqlitebrowser and follow the exact steps. I edited the custom database with editing the datas and the titles section and hit write changes and saved it and put it in my database folder and then had my artwork for the card in the arts folder with the id number. However both of these methods seem to fail me and wanted to know if you had that video that can explain this.

i think we need help , i tried making custom cards with the editor , everything in correct folder but cards don’t show at all :confused:

now with the update , everything works but i wonder … How to set values of Maximum monsters ?

Like wich cards compose the monster , their spot ( left : Maximum : right ) and tha atx of the maximum too ?

i’d love to see a tutorial on how to use OmegaDE

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i don’t find the custom database folder, please help

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don’t have a new found?, this link is off

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Hi man… I would really like making custom cards but the link youe put in the top of the tutorial doesn’t work… do you know why?

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can this be used to add custom card layouts?
I had a big break and in the former ygopro2 I was able to change the whole layout with a template Ihad once done with MSE, now when I put my custom cards into the Arts folder only the artwork gets changed ingame but I’d like to have the whole card changed; how am I supposed to do this?