Gorz The Emisary of darkness effect bug

  1. Bug description
    [The effect deosn't work properly.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Have Gorz The Emisary of darkness in your hand let the opponenet monsters deal dammage to you by battle .After that you don't get any prompt for effect]

  3. Expected behavior
    [Special summon Gorz The Emisary of darkness and a token whit the atack and defance equal to dammage.]

Edit : I have tested it again and it work so, it seem inconsistant

It works for me. This is likely a ruling question or you missed the prompt. Without more information, I have no clue what you did. There are situations where the special summon of gorz is blocked. There are many possibilities. We can’t read your mind so we have no idea.

Yes I didn’t saw that there was an effect locker on the enemy side .Sorry