Look the game is crashing in the search effects, the increase and decrease are reversed in the effects of the virtual world, the name of our opponent’s discord is not appearing, only in the replays, and the loss of exaggerated points continues, I just lost 70 due to a bug in the search, look at the link system, I think everyone already understood, more needs a balance there, a limit, something that is not so absurd, you have to have a pattern, like you are silver and lose to silver loses 30, lost to bronze loses 40 loses to gold loses 20, BALANCING, both in defeat and in victory, that’s all I need in my opinion

  1. What do you mean the game crashes with search effects? I saw several duels and played duels today where I added cards from deck to hand and it was fine. Give me the specific example where it crashed or froze.

  2. The username not appearing is a fault of discord. We’re working on a solution that has a failsafe that will still save the username.

  3. We’re going to change the matchmaking rules for the ranking so that the opponent you match with, is closer to your Elo. The reason you lose so many points is because there’s a large difference between you and the opponent. So we’ll set a max difference in Elo. This way, if you are in the Silver bracket, then you will match with only other opponents that are Silver. This also means you wait longer in the queue. The Elo formula we have however is correct. The only thing that can be tweaked is to match better so that if you lose, you won’t lose that many points.

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