Brave Token series bug

  1. Bug description
    The cards that belong to the “Brave Token” series ( Aquamancer of the Sanctuary, Journey of Destiny, Wandering Gryphon Rider, Magicite Warrior of the Ancient Ruins, The Woods of Lost Flowers, Zararham the Dark Temple, Dracoback the Dragon Steed, Noble Arms of Light - Dannel, Starlit Papillon, Resurrection Breath and Thunder Discharge) are not working properly. Aquamancer’s effects cannot be activated (hand, field or GY) and she cannot special summon herself from the hand. Journey of Destiny will not equip a card to a token, only add the equip cards to the hand. Wandering Gryphon Rider cannot Special Summon itself while a Brave Token is on the field, only when the field is empty as well as its negation effect cannot be activated. Magicite Warrior also cannot Special Summon itself though its effect to set a trap from the deck does work properly. The effects of both Woods of Lost Flowers and Zararham when a brave token destroys a monster do not activate (as such I cannot test if their effects to search each other work properly or not). Dracoback, Dannel and Papillon will not reequip themselves when sent to the GY (from hand OR field, haven’t tested straight from the deck). And finally both Resurrection Breath and Thunder Discharge cannot be activated at all.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Simply enter a duel with these cards and you’ll see they do not work properly.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    The cards should function as specified above.