yo id like to start by asking where the ■■■■ the rules on here are. i had to make a god damn account just to try and get some answers and get some support. i was playing ranked (evidently with an admin) and since im new and i have dueled this player prior, i asked what their elo was. they wouldn’t tell me like they diddnt want me getting an advantage or some ■■■■. they kept talking about them being silver and i said i didn’t care about their mmr, i wanted to know the elo number they had. they refused so out of agitation i called them a baby. they then say they would let me playfully calling them a cunt earlier on in the duel for activating a trap slide but they wont let it slide next time. im like ok whatever baby, and then he bans me. tbh i do deserve a ban or some sort of warning, but this is the internet and i think a 3 months ban is insane for a player who has a 2 day old account who cant even find the rules. if u cant handle being called a baby then i don’t think you should be using chat, let alone being an admin. anyways ill be making a new account but would love to be able to use my normal one due to the whole discord integration thing. would really make it easier. i would also like to report a bugs, i have many ive found the last 2 days but would make this alot easier if i could contact an admin to actually show whats happening because one of them is quite complicated.

The rules are in the discord when you join. The rules on the server carry to the game.

You first called me a ■■■■■■■ cunt (which I was ok with since you were reacting to summon limit). Then you said idiot, then cunt again. I tried to explain to you that our game does not use Elo but you want to argue with one of the developers of the game. You were warned in the chat and you still persisted.

So for next time, read and listen:

You can use edopro or DB. We don’ tolerate that kind of behavior in the chat.