Aquamirror Focalization not activating its End Phase effect during the End Phase

  1. Bug description
    Aquamirror Focalization has the following effect:

Add 1 “Gishkimonster from your Deck to your hand. During the End Phase, if you control a WATER Ritual Monster: You can banish this card from your GY; Set 1 “AquamirrorSpell/Trap from your Deck or GY, except “Aquamirror Focalization”. You can only use this effect of “Aquamirror Focalization” once per turn.

The End Phase effect could not be activated even when controlling Evigishki Nereimanas.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

    Activate Aquamirror Focalization, summon Evigishki Nereimanas. End turn.

  2. Screenshot OR error code

  3. Expected behavior
    Expected: During End Phase, a prompt should appear asking if you want to activate the effect to set an Aquamirror Spell/Trap.

Actual: Nothing has been prompted.

  1. What OS are you using