"Activate" prompt disappears for cards in hand

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When hovering over Activate on certain cards, the Activate prompt will fade away before being able to click it. This only happens with the last few cards in hand, it doesn’t seem to happen with the first few. Exact numbers seem to change depending on number of cards in hand.

This only happens in the 2.5 topdown view, it doesn’t seem to happen in Modern view or Modern Fit view. It also occurs randomly, it won’t happen in every duel.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

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    your replay code

a. Start a duel with five cards in hand, in 2.5 topdown view.
b. Hover over the Activate prompt in the last few cards in hand.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

Video of bug - LINK to video example of bug

  1. Expected behavior
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When hovering over Activate with the pointer, the prompt should be clickable within its area without disappearing. LINK to video example of expected behavior