About the War Declaration category

Team Leaders can challenge another verified team name here. Once the opposing team has accepted the challenge, a War Adjudicator will move the topic to Active Wars at the scheduled time of war.

The challenge must include the time and date. Put a range of times and possible dates. The opposing team will select one of those times. Pick the format of the war (TCG or OCG). Beta cards are not allowed. You cannot put OCG cards in a deck if the TCG banlist is selected or vice versa. Do not use custom rules.

The Declaration thread must include the following:

  • Insert Your Teams Here Team A vs Team B
  • Deck Format: Banlist & Card Pool
  • War Format: Hearts (Double); Crossfire (Double); King of the Hill [Optional: 2 win cap]
  • Platform for War: YGO Omega, Dueling Nexus, Dueling Book, EDOPro
  • Deadline Date
  • Team A Roster and Team B Roster (Rosters must consist of players registered to your team)
  • A War Chieftain will approve and move the thread to Official Wars after the rosters for both